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Financial Risk Management

The Financial Risk Management team works with SunTrust’s clients to help manage market risks so they can place their focus on growing their company. The team takes the time to get to know its clients in order to deliver customized hedging solutions for interest rate, commodity, and foreign currency risks.

SunTrust’s Financial Risk Management team uses both geographic coverage and industry-specific coverage teams to meet our clients’ hedging needs. Our geographic based team has specialists focused on local markets to work directly with clients throughout our regional footprint. Our CIB team provides industry-specific tailored solutions to help clients manage market risks. Our senior team members have an average of 15 years of experience and market expertise to share with clients across various industries.

Our professionals work closely with clients to develop strategies designed to align company objectives and risk tolerance with effective solutions. This focused attention is backed by an integrated One Team approach that draws from the broad capabilities of our universal banking platform to help clients successfully manage and build their businesses through all stages of growth.

Capabilities and Core Services

  • Interest Rate Risk Management:
    We offer over-the-counter (OTC) swaps, options, and other interest rate products structured to meet specific hedging objectives, including fixing or limiting interest expense on a loan, locking fixed rates for future funding, or creating floating rate exposure for fixed rate borrowers.

  • Commodity Derivatives:
    We deliver customizable, cash settled solutions for producers and end users of various energy commodities. Available hedging products include OTC swaps, options and structured transactions. 

  • Currency Risk Management:
    We provide solutions covering more than 50 currencies to minimize the negative impact of foreign exchange rate movements. Available products include spot and forward transactions, as well as OTC FX options and cross-currency swaps. In addition, currency solutions can be accessed via our proprietary Web-based trading system that allows clients to conduct foreign currency transactions at real-time market rates, through a highly secure, encrypted connection.